Privacy Trees

What are the Best Trees for Privacy?

Any of our Privacy Trees are ideal for providing a green screen, windbreak, and more, but your ideal pick will depend on the space you have. For smaller spaces, go with a tree like the Sky Pencil Holly. Because it's more narrow and compact, it's well-suited to tight areas.
If the spacing isn't an issue, the Thuja Green Giant and Emerald Green are both timeless favorites. But no matter which of our Privacy Trees you choose, spacing is important. Generally, most evergreen Privacy Trees need more space (6 to 8 feet between each tree), while pines and spruces need 10 to 12 feet of spacing.
However, Thuja varieties form a thick, green and healthy wall with just 3 feet of spacing between each tree. It's also possible to layer your trees, with multiple lines of plantings based on their recommended spacing. This creates a thicker, denser appearance.